Where Should We Tour Next? Vote on Facebook

We are getting ready to book our next tour but first we need to hear where you want us to come the most.

Last night we started a poll on Facebook, where you can vote where we should go. We obviously won’t be able to make it everywhere, but the data we get from the poll will be given to our manager and booking agents and will be an important part of our tour planning process.

Let us know where You think we should go by voting HERE and please spread the word!

Can’t wait to get back on the road and see you again!

  • Hayley

    So happy to hear that you will be touring again! Please come to Glasgow, Scotland, it would be so amazing to have you back and your Scottish fans love you so much. Hope we make it on the tour! 

  • Sheenamina

    TORONTO! We missed you this year!

  • Woz1971

    Detroit, MI

  • Alex

    Please come to Paris, France…A European tour would be great !

  • Margot

    Please come to Belgium! I missed you when you were here last year.

  • Emilynickason

    Please come to Vancouver, Canada. Please please pleaseeee.

  • Mariah knight

    Miami, Florida! Please please please!

  • Fortunateorange

    Dublin for sure. Come on you know you want to.

  • kate

    North Dakota or Minnesota

  • Dawn97

    Germany, Stuttgart or Schwäbisch Hall! Would be so great!

  • SianKcollett

    Please come to the UK! I would pay ridiculous amounts to see you live here. 

  • Pbolling5

    Charleston, SC

  • Elien Bauwens


  • Emma

    Scotland!!!! Edinburgh specifically lol

  • Abbey

    Australia!!!!!!!!!!!! Melbourne