This is where we’re playing tonight in Scotland….

This is where we’re playing tonight in Scotland. It’s sold out and at least 4 times larger than our biggest sold out show ever. James Blunt is the nicest guy in the world. We’re so flattered he’s invited us to travel the whole UK with him. More updates to come.

  • Mel

    Saw you at the Glasgow gig and you were fantastic! Hope you enjoy the rest of your UK tour. 🙂

  • Phil6580

    Saw you at the newcastle gig last night and you were great. I went out and got your ablum straight away and have to say its great.
    Enjoy the rest of the tour.

  • ally

    we saw you last night in newcastle and you were fantastic. I hope you enjoy the rest of the tour and also the UK.

  • P Harris101

    seen you on the 17th in glasgow you were GREAT thank you for signing cd and your kind words. also you were brill in one tree hill and although we didnt know much about you other than oth ive been listening to you on youtube for months. so glad you are on tour good luck to you all xx

  • Bob

    Saw you in Sheffield and thought you were great. Enjoy the rest of your time in the UK

  • Hugh Adams

    Had the pleasure of seeing you in Sheffield!. Very impressed ,not only with your music, but with your down to earth approach to the audience. This was reflected by the amount of people who wanted to meet you!! Excellent