• Alison

    Fantastic Show on Sunday, really enjoyed it. First time we heard/seen Wakey! Wakey! Now big fans, we've bought the CD. Love the Cake episode as well, thanks Mikey for signing our CD at the end of the Signing.

  • Jmwood28

    How nice of James to have done that for Mike, pity no one could of done something like that for James on the 22nd Feb when he played the Civic hall. dam Shame. x

  • Cheryl

    You deserve all the praise you receive in the UK. We thought you were great in Cambridge this week! Thank you.

  • Emelle

    Hi there! Ifound the video here ! :

    I discovered the band in OTH , and I think you guys rock!

    a french fan,

  • Emelle

    and by the way,I've just i-tuned your album :p

    I do not by music a lot,I listen it on youtube or deezer, but it worth it

    thanks for the energy you put in your songs

  • Emelle


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