thefamilyrecords: Greetings from a giggling Dutchman and his…


Greetings from a giggling Dutchman and his friends.

This August is the second annual Audio Appreciation Month – a month long observance of mostly audio books – but the Family Records is not a library. To honor audio of all kinds, the Family Records is hosting a 15% off sale on specific items in our store through August 19th:

1. This amazing red Pearl and the Beard T shirt 

Promotional Code – pearlandthegear

2. This soon-to-be limited edition Casey Shea T shirt

Promotional Code – CaseyPlays

3. This ultra swag Lacrymosa tote bag, scented with patented Lacrymosa fragrance -Whimsy (just kidding, not really scented)

Promotional Code – icecream

4. This inCREDIBLE silk screened poster made for Wakey!Wakey!’s 2011 Spring Tour (almost gone)

Promotional Code – wakeylately

If you appreciate audio, and for that matter the makers and presenters of audio, celebrate Audio Appreciation Month with the Family Records!


-Colin at the Family