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Finally, after all your patient waiting, we announce Wakey!Wakey!’s newest European dates, taking the band to Germany, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Holland, and Brussels. Tickets are available now!

10.22 CrawDaddy (Dublin, Ireland) [TIX]

10.23 Empire Music Hall (Belfast, UK) [TIX

10.26 Werkstatt (Cologne, Germany) [TIX]

10.27 Knust (Hamburg, Germany) [TIX]

10.29 Privatclub (Berlin, Germany) [TIX]

10.30 Vega Small Hall (Coppenhagen, Denmark) [TIX]

10.31 Debaser Slussen (Stockholm, Sweden) [TIX]

11.01 John Dee (Oslo, Norway) [TIX]

11.04 Eureka (Zwolle, Holland) [TIX]

11.05 Paradiso (Amsterdam, Holland) [TIX]

11.06 VK (Belgium, Brussels)  [TIX]

I’ve got to point out that there is no possible way in the world that we could go to all of these places without the love, support, and encouragement that we receive from our fans all over the globe. One year ago, Wakey! had never played beyond the borders of the US. Since their first beautiful reception in the UK last December, you all have helped bring them back time after time and have brought them further into the mainland than we could have dreamed of a year ago.

To all the amazing members of Team Wakey!Wakey! and to every last dedicated fan, to anyone who has played the record loud with the windows down, to anyone who has been inspired or encouraged by the music, we thank you from the bottom to the top of our hearts.


-Colin at the Family

NOTE: These dates are in addition to the UK dates that went up last week. See all Wakey!Wakey! Dates here.

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