The Weekly Wakey live web concerts

Our new series of live web concerts called “The Wakey Weekly” start on StageIt this Sunday, September 16th, at 1pm EST!


  • 10am US West Coast Time
  • 6pm UK Time
  • 7pm Central European Time
  • and 3am Sydney, Australia (- we know that sucks, it’s simply not possible for us to make the time ideal for everyone at the same time, We’re gonna try to move them around a bit in the future and do some that are ideal for all time zones.)

The 30-minute show is “Pay what you can”, which means that with as little as ten cents gets you in the room where you can chat with the other concert goers, and request songs live. Mike will also be able to answer your questions live on air. Enter the online venue and buy your ticket here.

At this point we’re keeping the future of this project open. If you are into this, we’ll do another episode, we can keep doing it for a month or even longer. It’s up to you! We read all your feedback, so please tell us what you want. You can also request songs Grubbs plays, how much we should charge in the future. Anything there is, we’re interested in what you think!

If you have any questions or problems, you can contact us on Facebook or Twitter or email Tsuua at teamwakeywakey(at)gmail(dot)com.

See you on Sunday!