• Michelle Rheinheimer

    Your show tonight was really amazing. You and your music are wonderfull. I hope you visit Losheim again. 🙂 !
    You were great!

  • Jacky Knop

    You were so great!
    Please visit our country again!
    But I've not seen you after the concert ;o
    Now I'm looking after your CD ;D
    I like your music.
    So,a little bit german: Ihr wart sau gudd!
    That wasn't really german .. it was saarländisch ;D

    your new fan
    Jacky 🙂

  • Anne

    You have been realy great and I love your music. I am going to visit New York. Perhaps you can tell me your favorite place in brooklyn.

    Thank you for the story about the spiders in your hotel room, but wenn you said spiders in german you said Spinners and that means moron or crackpot, this way it was much more funnier for me. Next time plural of Spinne is Spinnen not Spinners.

    Thanks a lot and have fun in Germany

  • Sandra

    Really nice Show 🙂

  • xxx

    “for those of you in the back – I am not James Blunt” 😉
    loved your sense of entertainment! well done!

  • Ralf

    I hope to see you in Losheim once again, perhaps with James Blunt before you ….

  • Denise-hilbert

    oooooh my god =) YOU & your band were so fresh!;-)yesterday!my husband and i were in losheim 🙂
    many support acts are so bad and you want to throw tomatoes ^ ^ that's more fun than listening to there  music! but your performance was unfortunately much too short 🙁 your music is a real dream!keep it up!love regards denise

  • Werojac

    I Love your Music and your great Voice 🙂 i'm listining to the Music every Day 🙂 it's fantastic!!!!!!