Thank Heaven for Pop Tarts

Thank Heaven for Pop Tarts:

Pop Tarts Suck Toasted wrote a really nice review of our Mercury Lounge Show. It’s got a couple of videos and photos as well. Click the link above for the whole thing. Here’s a taste-

“No this is not the Pitchfork approved indie rock you are all used to me shilling, this is far more pop oriented and Top 40 recognized (though not just yet) for most of your tastes, But remember that there is a lot of traditional pop music out there that you all truly adore without shame or indignation. Perhaps you should break down your normal borders and accept music that is fun, catchy, and emotionally investing rather then just waiting for the next Pitchfork “Best New Music”, not that there’s anything wrong with that either I just want you to be a bit more open to stuff like this.”

Thanks Pop Tarts!