Team Wakey! Wakey!: Almost Everything Review Challenge

Team Wakey! Wakey!: Almost Everything Review Challenge:


From Team Wakey!Wakey! with love.



Happy Almost Everything I Wish I Said the Last Time I Saw You’s official UK release day!

To celebrate we launch Almost Everything Review Challenge. We challenge you to become one of Wakey!Wakey!’s most important reviewers.

Here is how you can take up the challenge:
1) Write your own review of the album to any online retailer that is selling the album and takes customers’ album reviews.
2) Email us about it to teamwakeywakey(at) and let us know where you reviewed.

Your review can make a difference for someone who is thinking of taking a chance on Wakey!Wakey! That’s why we want to thank you for your review:

1) In a reply to your email we will give you a Family Records mixtape our awesome Community Manager Colin picked with much love.
2) Three reviewers will receive a special Awesome Wakey!Wakey! Reviewer Recognition by mail.

The winners of Awesome Reviewer Recognition will be picked on Monday, August 8th. But you can take up the challenge and get the Family Records mixtape even after that.

This challenge is open for ALL Wakey!Wakey! fans, not just Team Wakey!Wakey! members. If you have any questions or problems, please email us at teamwakeywakey(at)

Here are some iTunes pages, where you can review:
United KingdomUnited StatesCanadaGermanythe NetherlandsFrance,NorwayAustraliaSwedenFinlandIrelandDenmarkBelgiumSwitzerland,Italy. You can of course review on another online retailer, too!