Season finale tonight!

Tune into your local CW station at 8 for the season finale of One Tree Hill. We still don’t know if we’re getting a season 8, so show your support by helping us get the most viewers possible! After the episode at 9:30, come over to our Facebook fan page, and watch our final live stream show with special guest, Rosi Golan!

  • Jill

    i have completely fallen in love with this soulful music seen on one tree hill! thank you.

  • matth_fr

    does it means that you will no longer be part of the casting next season? :/

  • Wesley Verhoeve

    we'll have to wait and find out, yet to be determined 🙂 So if you'd like
    Mike to be on next year too start making some noise 🙂 W

  • Renee

    loved OTH from the getgo! love the music they feature..always such original bands and original tunes. good for them. hope to see grubbs on a season 8!!

  • Andrea

    i could listen to your music forever.. you have such a beautiful voice and amazing lyrics! it touches people. i do hope you'll come to Norway some time !

  • Lesley

    I am a massive fan of OTH and the featured music. Loved Kate Voegl and now am blown away by Mike Grubb and Wakey Wakey. Have downloaded on Spotify so I can listen to more. If you ever come to England to tour I will certainly be in the audience. I played the album to my 10 year old Grandson and he shares my enthusiasm for it. More please!

  • Mariana

    Wakey Wakey completely takes you to another reality. A reality where every note comes together in perfect harmony. A reality that takes you anywhere you want to be for those few minutes until the magic of the perfect song ends. Absolutely breathtaking music, inspiring and life-changing!! You guys need to come to the small town of Napa, CA.!!!! LUV YA!!!!

  • Katie (N.D.)

    Absolutely love your music!! Just bought this C.D.!!! Haven't bought a c.d. in I don't know the last time :)!!!

  • Katie (N.D.)

    Absolutely love your music!! Just bought this C.D.!!! Haven't bought a c.d. in I don't know the last time :)!!!

  • Anouk

    Very good season !!! I love it !!! ♥

  • Anouk

    And the soundtrack is so amazing !!! Grubbs I love you !!! And you are so cute with Miranda… Badly she's lives…

  • Anouk

    I am French and you see your music comes to France !!! I could listen to your album always overturn !!! My favorite song is ” Dance So Good ” which I makes shiver that I hears him !!! More fact than Grubbs is a magnificent actor ! I admire you!!? Wakey! Wakey! You are perfected!

  • Jonathan

    Discovered Mike on OTH and man, I thought you were just another talented actor. After hearing your music and seeing your passion I am blown away. It's not often that we discover a hidden gem that changes the way you think about music. Your real life story could inspire a entire new CW series. Keep the music loud and lyrics fresh! Please visit us in Chicago!!!

  • Kirsten

    I'm OBSESSED with your music seen in the episodes! LOVE Light Outside and am excited to listen to the rest of them 🙂

  • Emmakarlsson2

    just have to say that I absolutely love your music, can't get enough of it. I'm thanking One Tree Hill for that, so keep up the good work.

  • Emily Banks

    I absolutely love One Tree hill + now I love Wakey!Wakey! I adored it when you sang 'Dance so Good' on OTH, and Miranda's face when she realised Grubbs was singing about her. It was awesome. I'm too obsessed, I know. <3 xoxoxoxoxox

  • Teamwakeywakeyfrance

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