Prepping for Feb 20th

I was doing this interview the other day and they asked me about how we used to prep for old Wakey shows. The big crazy ones with like 17 people on stage, and it got me thinking… Maybe next Friday, Feb 20th should be a big blow out as well. I’m taking a break from the set list right now to consider how crazy we can make it… Any suggestions?

  • Priss

    I just recently learn about the band from spinner, and let me just say that i love it already! I will be going to the mercury performance next week and i am really excited about it. I read that on your last show you guys had like 17 piece band, it would be amazing if you can repeat it. Is the album release so why not go big 🙂

  • chrisbatstone

    Just randomly found your new album on Bravo. I'm LA bound at the moment, wish I could come to the show. I'll be back in NY come June. Book some shows then!! =)
    Fire dancers and Fireworks.
    Suspend the Piano from the roof and attach it to a track with a motor that flies you out over the audience. What? Too much?