November Tour Dates w/ Jenny Owen Youngs! + Live Acoustic Video

Just one day ago Mike arrived safely back in Brooklyn after having a blast with all of you guys for two weeks of a solo tour, and here we are announcing a new FULL BAND tour coming up! Our friend Jenny Owen Youngs will be coming with us and she will knock your socks off! Speaking of the solo tour, check the bottom of this post for a beautiful multi-camera shot video of Mike’s perfomance of “Almost Everything…” at Jammin Java in Vienna (VA) just a few days ago, courtesy of our friends at Sum Of Change Productions.

We’re still working on a tour poster and a tour name (suggestions welcome!!), but here are the dates already! Our dearest Nicole is working on getting these up on the tour page with ticket buy links later today. Who’s coming?! Oh did we mention we’re coming to Canada for the first time?!

Wakey!Wakey! November Tour
(all dates except Toronto w/ Jenny Owen Youngs)

11/2 – Toronto, ON. @ The Horseshoe Tavern.
11/4 – Chicago, IL @ Lincoln Hall
11/5 – Madison, WI @ The University of Wisconsin
11/6 – Iowa City, IA @ The Blue Moose
11/7 – Minneapolis, MN @ The 7th St. Entry
11/8 – Kansas City, MO @ The Record Bar
11/9 – Columbia, MO @ Mojo’s
11/11 – Nashville, TN @ The Basement
11/12 – Columbus, OH @ the Basement
11/13 – Pittsburgh, PA @ the Brillobox
11/19 – Hamden, CT @ The Space
11/20 – Hoboken, NJ @ Maxwell’s

Almost Everything (Solo Acoustic @ Jammin Java 09/13/2010)

  • Kristen M. Abel

    Oh my gah, Mike where did your hair go?! Love the video, bring your ass back to Texas sir!

  • Sonia Ryan

    How about showing Vancouver, BC some love?

    We love you.

  • Wesley Verhoeve

    Sonia! We'd love to, hopefully for the next West Coast tour!

  • Betty J Davis

    Can't wait for you to come to Columbia, MO. I live at Whiteman AFB (about 2 hours away) and will definately be making the trip to see you πŸ™‚

  • Alissa

    I have to say this video is great but I was there and it was even better live!!

    Pretty dissapointed that your not coming anywhere near to the DC area. πŸ™

  • Alissa

    I have to say this video is great but I was there and it was even better live!!

    Pretty dissapointed that your not coming anywhere near to the DC area. πŸ™

  • Wesley Verhoeve

    Alissa! DC area soon again!

  • Heather (aka Skylar's Mom)

    I was there-prego & all! Waiting for you to come back to VA & play at a venue I can bring Skylar too cause I think if I went without her again, she wouldn't speak to me for a week!

  • Daniel Benito

    I live in Toronto On. and im trying to find tickets to your show, but the horseshoe tavern doesnt show you playing there! i was wondering if you can confirm so i can get tickets!

  • Wesley Verhoeve

    they might not have updated their site yet but we are def playing there πŸ™‚

  • Wesley Verhoeve

    Alissa! soon again!

  • Alissa

    great. how about Christmas? that would be a perfect gift. πŸ™‚

  • J. Bilodeau

    Damn it! I think I will have to wait until next year to see you back in Canada or maybe can find some fake ids to see you in Toronto. Haha!

  • Wesley Verhoeve

    not sure about Christmas but I think def still this year before christmas!

  • Alissa

    before Christmas? even better! i hope i'm the first to know!

  • i'llbe23

    I can't wait for you to come to IOWA CITY!!!!!!

  • Us

    Will will you ever be in California

  • Wesley Verhoeve

    Yes! Next year again! We were there a month or two ago πŸ™‚ Love it!

  • Ali

    Come back to Cleveland!

  • Kate