New Video: Car Crash

This weekend our friends from Super Alright and ourselves had 48 hours to come up an entire music video, and we did it! We had some really special actors join us, including a familiar face for you One Tree Hill fans, an amazing crew, a great producer, and we’ll debuting the result of all of these people’s efforts later tonight. Until then, check out some photos taken on the set to get an idea.

Actors: Erin Fritch, James Lafferty, Ivan Sandomire, Aubrey Dollar, and Andrew and Carissa Gallo.
Produced By Super!Alright!
DP: Peter Simonite

  • jasonpugliese

    AMAZING. When are you guys coming to Boston?

  • Wesley Verhoeve

    very soon! June or July!

  • jasonpugliese

    When will it be announced? House of Blues? Wakey!Wakey's music is incredible. Amazing sound and incredible lyrics.

  • Wesley Verhoeve

    Not sure yet Jason but keep your eyes peeled on this page 🙂 Shouldn't be
    that long.

  • Mark

    Love your music and sound. Your music is what I search so hard to find. Keep up the great music. Planning on coming to see you in Chicago. Coming to Indiana any time this summer?

  • Wesley Verhoeve

    no indiana plans for the summer, but hopefully when school is back in

  • Kelly

    You guys are amazing. I heard some of your songs on One Tree Hill and I was like “Man I need to find out who this is.” If you ever come out west to Idaho or Utah I'd love to go to one to your concerts!

  • Jerome

    Amazing vid, I love it.
    from a french guy who love your band!

  • Tess

    I really love your music and your lyrics are so inspiring. I wish that you come to Sweden sometime in the future, it would be really awesome to see you guys live!

  • Team Wakey! Wakey!

    Hej Tess!

    We wish for that, too, and you are not the only one in Sweden hoping for it. That's why we started a Facebook group for Swedish fans to talk Wakey!Wakey! in Swedish and help us spread the word there so that it would be possible for the band to come there sooner than later. You're very welcome to join!… I hope to see you there! -Tsuua from Team Wakey!Wakey!