New Song Demo Leaked

When we first found out about it this morning we weren’t thrilled, but we think it’s probably all for the best in the end. We just found one of our unreleased demos for the new album posted online. It’s been taken down, but that means that other people might be posting it somewhere, so we thought it better to just post it ourselves. You guys have waited long enough.

In exchange, all we’re asking just a couple of favors. First, remember when you hear it that this is a demo and not a finished track. By the time it gets to the album it’ll probably sound different.

Second, we ask that you listen to it, share it, post it, and enjoy it. It would mean a lot to us, however, that if you want to share it that you use our link:

We really hope you enjoy the track! It is called Wake Up (Lily I Love You) and it was written with the awesome Ben Romans.