Look at how mature we are! We’re enjoying a leisurely…

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Look at how mature we are! We’re enjoying a leisurely drive to SC. No show tonight, and we’re excited for a relaxing evening with some of Patrick’s relatives.

  • Cissi

    When u coming to Stockholm? Would be awsome!

  • apoli

    Great concert in Cleveland last night!! Have fun on the rest of the tour!

  • Emily

    On your way to SC make a short stop in Mississippi. 🙂
    ohh what a cold day in you know where that would be when a good band actually played a show here.
    love your music! enjoy your down time!

  • ANA

    I am from Spain and guys…you are amazing!you have fans here..and i guess in the rest of Europe too.
    Your music is amazing…my father died in March and your songs are helping me…like “Light Outside”,please keep making your magic!we need songs like yours.

    PLEASE come to Europe on the nest tour!

  • An He

    I am from Norway and i discovered your music in one tree hill and I loved it. I hope you guys can come to Europe so I can see you…
    Your music i amazing, and like we say on Norwegian JEG ELSKER MUSIKEN DERES!! meaning I love your music 😉

  • andrew




  • Nikki_smellz

    please please please come to england!!

  • Amanda

    hey got this site tweeted to me a while back, i like your guys' sound!

  • http://wesleyverhoeve.com Wesley Verhoeve

    glad you do Amanda!

  • http://twitter.com/Teamwakeywakey Team Wakey! Wakey!

    Hej Cissi!

    Yes it would be. You are not the only one in Sweden hoping for a Swedish show. That's why we started a Facebook group for Swedish fans to talk Wakey!Wakey! in Swedish and help us spread the word there so that it would be possible for the band to come there sooner than later. You're very welcome to join! https://www.facebook.com/group… I hope to see you there! -Tsuua from Team Wakey!Wakey!