laurensieczkowski: “PROFESSOR CHOCOLATE”  A Nuumte Oote…


“PROFESSOR CHOCOLATE”  A Nuumte Oote Production

This short documentary film made by Erin Crumpacker and myself tells the story of Neill Alleva and Rob Monahan, aka Professor Chocolate, two elementary school science teachers who can also school you in everything you need to know about finding and enjoying gourmet chocolate in New York City.

A few fun facts about this video:

– All of the stop motion that you see was made with chocolate;  whether it was bars, M&Ms, cocoa powder, syrup, or Easter bunnies.

– You can order any of the decadent bon-bons you see at Chocolate Moderne by clicking here.

– The two good looking tour-goers you see are Carrot Creative and producer extraordinaire Will Hutson, aka The Hipster Diet, and the beautiful model/actress/voice-over genius Sarah Natochenny, aka Ash of ‘Pokemon’.

– The music that you hear was composed specifically for this piece, by a myriad of talented composers in true collaborative spirit.  Included are songs by the band Fort Lean, and Ian Hultquist of Passion Pit.

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To satisfy your sweet tooth after watching, head on over to to schedule a personalized chocolate tour, or pick up their guide book over at

Bon appetit!