Join Team Wakey!


So you love yourself some Wakey!Wakey! (good taste!), you would like
to see them perform live in your city (us too!), and you love helping
others discover your favorite bands (nice!)? Then Team Wakey! is for


What exactly is Team Wakey?

Team Wakey! is the street team for the band’s supporters. Here you can
meet other fans and be a part of helping us spread the word about

What does Team Wakey! do?

We support the music, growth, and love of Wakey!Wakey!

How is this done?

Team members use provided promotional tools and campaigns to spread
the W!W! love in your hometown.

What does it mean?

It means being part of a community of people with common interests and
shared music passions, with advance access to W!W! news,
announcements, and goodies. You can find us online on Facebook, on Tumblr and on twitter: @teamwakeywakey.

How can I join?

Joining is easy! Just send us an email with your name, age and
location to

A Living, Growing Map Of Team Wakey!

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