Improvements Thanks To Fan Feedback!

Hey guys,

Just a quick note in response to all the twitter action lately! First of all thanks for helping us hit 30k fans on facebook, and 10k on twitter. Very exciting. Second of all, thanks for all the interest in my beard… haha. I was amazed at the hundreds of responses to my casual tweet about shaving. The overwhelming cry of “DON’T SHAVE!!!” has saved my beard… For now… There were also a few people requesting an online store for our international fans. We are so pleased and overwhelmed to find our fan base expanding so quickly, and are trying our best to keep up.

While it’s not realistic to set up multiple stores all over the world right now, we do ship all of our products internationally for really cheap (I’m told it’s usually about 2$ more than local shipping), and we now have a currency converter up on the store pages to make it easier to figure out your order. We appreciate your feedback, so feel free to use our Twitter and Facebook Fan pages as sort of online comment boxes. We can’t always do what you ask, but the more we know, the more we can try!
All the best,

  • Lina

    You're so awesome! It would be amazing if you could come to Sweden for a concert. Your music is incredible and so special. Sweden deserves to hear some 😉

  • Cherie

    It would be amazing if you came to NC, you would have a great turnout!

  • Paula

    Okay! 1st of all, I love the wonderful sound that is Wakey!Wakey! and 2nd of all…COME TO TEXAS. I mean, I'm from Houston, but I'll settle for anything, even if I have to drive to the panhandle or Louisiana… just come by please and share your live sound with the south, please. Thank you!

  • Paula

    oh and that photo taken of you by Jon Mazlish is just divine… and when considering beard removal – refer to that photo and look at the awesomeness that is you facial hair! (though we would love you sans the beard, too)