• Michgross17

    London is the best city!!!!!!! You are going to have an amazing time….So much history there it is an experience that I believe everyone needs to experience in their life atleast once. Say Hi to 49 Grays Inn Road for me…I lived there when I studied abroad my Junior year of college in 2005 and I think about London every day since then and i'm from NYC just like you (queens/nassau)….nothing compares to the sights and feelings you get in London. Go to the tower of london and on the other side of the Thames is the best market on Saturdays called “Borough Market” and near there is a museum all about the horrible prison life back then…they used to hang criminals heads on the Tower Bridge! Anywho have a great trip!! Take lots of pics so I can live vicariously through you haha <3 Michelle from NY (the one that was screaming like crazy right in front of you at your Bowery Ballroom show on 10/20 🙂

  • Laly28

    And France?!!
    When do you come to France?!!
    Think about it PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????
    I love your music!