I’ve always wanted to have my album released on vinyl! So…

I’ve always wanted to have my album released on vinyl! So excited! Just in time for the official UK release of the album August 1st. More on that soon…


Wakey!Wakey! “Almost Everything…” vinyl just arrived in the FR office!

They are printed with full color artwork and lyrics on the inside with a limited edition red vinyl. Luckily you don’t have to wait until Valentine’s Day to buy these, they will be up on the Family Records store next week. 


  • Chris

    Lovely.  But I don't have a phonograph any more.

    BTW “illegally downloaded my own song” (Jun 13).  Was that the Alone In My Bedroom version of TwentyTwo?  I'm not surprised.  The only way to get this is youtube 🙁  Pukka version please, you must have one somewhere.

  • amzyangel92

    I WANT THIS SOOOOO BADLY!! Release it in the UK PLEASE!! x

  • Harriet

    Hey have you got any of the vinyl records left?? I would adore a copy.

  • Katyanneharris

    Where can I get a copy in the UK? absolutely desperate for one for christmas!

  • Enya Foerster

    Hello, I was wondering – really dying to know – if there is any way to get your incredible record on vinyl. I have all the songs digitally but there is something … something romantic i guess about the imperfections of records

    anyways, i understand you made this post years ago, but if you still check in here occasionally i would love an answer 🙂