Having a cold…

Having a cold gives you a literal doctors note to waste time. I’ve been doing this today by watching some TV (which I do sparingly even when I’m not sick). It’s been very helpful at taking my mind off of this searing throat pain. I just saw an add for the “new” horror film Let Me In, and immediately recognized it as a remake of the Swedish film Let The Right One In. Why would they remake that film? How are they gonna make it better? I mean, I’ll go see it, but now I have to be the annoying know-it-all guy who cloyingly references the Swedish original the whole time, and that’s no fun! Maybe if I can convince everyone of legal age that reads this (and enjoys creepy vampires) to go see the original first, then I’ll systematically reduce my annoyingness by making more people annoying… Hmm… Or I could just rent it and release my fury on the cool guy at my video rental spot that loves nerding out on that stuff. Life is full of complicated decisions.

Important notice- If this makes no sense, I blame the painkillers. Thanks, oxycodone!

  • SkylarsMom

    I never saw the original, but am a huge horror movie fan & prefer to see originals so I'm curious if you saw the remake & what you thought. Also, how annoying you were in the process?