Free Download: Wakey!Wakey! – Blame You (Live ft. Rosi Golan)

FREE MP3 Wakey!Wakey! – Blame You (Live ft. Rosi Golan) (download)

Last Monday during our live stream on Facebook the good folks at the studio were so kind to record the live rendition of our song “Blame You” that featured our friend Rosi Golan on vocal harmonies. Download it for free above and join us on Facebook next Monday at 8PM EST for another live stream where you guys can request songs, ask questions and more. It’s looking like Rosi will be a guest again!

  • Jérôme

    Wonderful music! I love it

  • Lauren

    So how do you download with a mac it opens in a new window, but I can't get it to my itunes!! Beautiful song : )

  • Wesley Verhoeve

    hold down the apple-button, click on the link and then select “save-as”

  • Jander Barbosa

    Ótimo trabalho, músicas muito lindas.