Facebook trouble

I’ll start this by saying I can’t believe I’m blogging about facebook. What a modern man I am indeed.

So Facebook has unduly locked us out of our Wakey!Wakey! fan page. This means we suddenly and without warning are cut off from over 10 thousand fans. The worst part is it doesn’t say anywhere on the page that the administrators are locked out. It just looks like we stopped posting and replying to fans. If anyone reading this works or has a friend at Facebook and can help us resolve this, please spread the word. In the meantime, head over to WakeyWakeyMusic.com for updates such as our recently announced November tour updates, our CMJ showcase at Bowery Ballroom and links to things that do work, like out twitter account.

And to the good people at Facebook- I saw Catfish last night. I know what you’re up to… That being said, our Pigrat Forever page is doing just fine.

Much love,