Brooklyn Sheet Music Available

The power of your voice is strong! Many of you have requested sheet music for “Brooklyn” and it is now for sale in the Family Records store! To make things easy, instantaneous and environmentally friendly we’ve made it available as a PDF download that you can print at home. Major props to our good friend Anthony Macelli who helped us create the sheet music. More is on the way!

Note: Once you learn the song, show us! We’d love to see videos uploaded to youtube by YOU! Tag the video with “Wakey!Wakey!” and “WWBrooklyn”, leave a comment here so we can find them, and we’ll post our favorites!

Question: Which song would you like to see sheet music for? Leave it in the comments!

Mike Playing The Intro For Brooklyn

  • James Beales

    I just wanted to say the piano in this song gives me the chills every time I hear it. Now to figure out how to play it myself!


  • Mike

    a few problems with the sheet music :-/ no harm done though.

  • wesleyverhoeve

    Hi Mike,
    What kind of problems? We'd love to solve them for you!


  • Mike

    well, thanks! i guess i'll rattle a few off. in the b-section of the intro, there were some issues with the transcription, which resulted in missing some important notes ie: G-D-G (root-fifth-octave) in the bass while the right hand is hanging out on that Ab suspension, and the sheet music doesn't really hit on that triplety thing going on. also, in the pre-chorus (i have made mistakes), there are some funky things going on with the bass notes, mainly inversions that sound different from what i'm hearing. i'm more familiar with the brooklyn/manhattan version of the song, but i've taken a listen to other versions as well. i can pick things out on my own, but i'd rather the music just be there in front of me. eh…maybe i'm not hearing things correctly.

  • wesleyverhoeve

    I'll discuss it with Mike Grubbs. He made this sheet music himself and may
    have changed little details for playability but it shouldn't have any
    mistakes in it. Thanks for letting us know about that Mike!


  • Mike

    oh geez, i hope i didn't sound pretentious. i would assume he changed it for playability's sake. before anything else, tell him i think the song is incredible and he rocks and i hope he gets over to chicago real soon…and my apologies.

  • wesleyverhoeve

    No need for apologies Mike! We really appreciate your suggestions and ideas
    🙂 Love it! Anything that helps us help others 🙂


  • Grace

    Any chance I can get sheet music for war sweater, almost everything, or got it all wrong??? Let me know!
    Thanks :))
    Tell Mike I think he's awesome and I look forward to seeing him more on OTH.

  • wesleyverhoeve

    those are coming soon! 🙂

  • Grace

    fantastic! im so excited now!!! i would kill to be able to play like him and i just love his songs!
    Thanks so much for responding!!!!

  • bmes25

    Would love to see the sheet music for “Dance So Good”
    Is that possible?

  • Thad

    i really am looking for sheet music for dance so good i love that song

  • Wesley Verhoeve

    We'll have that ready next week Thad!

  • Lisa

    I just heard Light Outside on OTH this week and I can't get it out of my head..Love it! Any chance you'll have sheet music available for it? Thanks! 🙂

  • Wesley Verhoeve

    Working on it Lisa! 🙂

  • Pete

    Brooklyn is an amazing song..incredible piano piece, any chance you can share the lyrics

  • Michelle Schultz

    I really want sheet music for Light Outside!

  • Wesley Verhoeve
  • Wesley Verhoeve

    working on it Michelle! 🙂

  • Francois

    Hey Grubb's ! I love your song brooklyn and i'd realy love to get it to play it in piano !!

    It is just fantastic !!

    See ya

  • Wesley Verhoeve

    you can buy the sheet music right here to learn it 🙂

  • Olivia

    Is there anywhere I can find a copy of “Brooklyn” with out the lyrics? just the piano music?!? 🙂

  • Wesley Verhoeve

    No unfortunately no Olivia! Why would you need it, just out of curiosity?

  • Olivia

    dang! Well I'm a senior dance major in college.. and I wanna use Brooklyn for one of my songs for my Senior Piece I'm choreographing but I wanted just the piano music without the lyrics!

    p.s. I'm so excited to see yall perform in Jacksonville in Sept!

  • Hi (:

    “See, it's not that hard. (:”


  • mad-sis

    I'd love the notes to Light Outside too. I got to know Wakey Wakey! over One Tree Hill and now you guys are one of my absolute favorite bands! I love your music!! This doesn't happen a lot, but I love every single song of your album! I hope that soon you'll make a European tour and come to Munich, Germany! That would be the greatest thing!

  • Jordan

    I want sheet music for Brooklyn…but I only see part of page 3 here…

  • Wesley Verhoeve

    It's just a preview 🙂 you can buy the full sheets in the store on this site

  • Tyler

    Any chance you could provide the tab for War Sweater for acoustic guitar? I seen Mike play it on Youtube and it was amazing!

    Thank you for sharing your gift!

  • Wesley Verhoeve

    Hi Tyler,

    Working on it!


  • Ross Owens

    1876 would be great! That song is amazing!

  • Isabelle_wilkinson

    I adore your music but Brooklyn is by far my favourite!

  • Joel

    I would love to have the sheet music for Clinton St. Girl and Take It Like a Man. Both are fantastic pieces.

  • Chocoholic Ashley

    haha ' see its not that hard!' love you 😀



    Is there a way to have the acoustic chords for the song : “Dance so good” ?

  • Zkeelin

    Could you post the sheet music for “Almost Everything”, in bass clef? Please, I play cello and would love to try this song 🙂
    Thank you,

  • Jen

    Any chance of any guitar tabs for any of the songs ??

  • Charlie Fletcher

    What happened to the other songs due? Light outside would be a good one, same with almost everything. Are anymore coming or has the idea faded?

  • josi

    hey, any chance i can get the piano music sheet for almost everything?
    Thank you very much !

  • Quill

    could you get the chords for 1876!? that is an awesome song

  • Chanelle Jade Nazareth

    sheet music for war sweater on piano? that would be amazing:)

  • Ina_liel

    Gerald levert Made to love ya for piano or guitar?

  • Katie

    I was wondering what the song grubbs plays on One Tree Hill Season 7, episode 21 was?  Its the song he plays right after miranda leaves. Its beautiful and I would love to get the sheet music for it!

  • Kelly

    I am so in love with this music!! Brooklyn is my favorite me chills every time. So incredibly beautiful. Where can I find a full version of piano sheet music? I'd love to learn it.

  • Brandon Hansen

    Hey, I'm not sure where to find the full version on the site… I looked at every item in the store, and i must just keep missing it! Can you post a link?

  • maryann

    I am totally in love with the song Brooklyn… I saw it in the series “one tree hill” and can’t stop listening to it! Could I have the piano sheet music for it please?!?! 🙂

  • Elizabeth Martin

    I would love to get the piano score for the Sufjan Stevens cover– Size Too Small. Is that possible? I’m slightly obsessed and am not so good at playing by ear or by guitar tab, but can read piano score like a champ. 🙂