A special message to our UK fans

A special message to our UK fans –

Big thanks to all of you who helped us sell out our biggest show ever at London’s Scala last week! It was a landmark show for us, and another unforgettable night courtesy of our fantastic UK fan base. In fact, you guys have been so amazing, we’ve had no choice but to set up an official European release for our album “Almost Everything”, starting in the UK on August 1st. We never officially released the album in the UK, only in the US. It was available on iTunes and anyone in the world can buy from our Family Records store, but as far as an official release in Europe, this hadn’t happened. Until now!

You’ve brought so much attention to the album that we’ve managed to not only chart really well on iTunes, but also to sell out every show we’ve ever played in London! Because of all this attention, Family Records has put together a crack team (pictured below*) to help us spread the word further, and do a proper full fledged release. This means we are reaching out to UK press, radio, and records stores to be a part of this story. Hopefully they will enjoy the album as much as our early UK fans (you!) so it can be spread on a mainstream level.

I solemnly swear to you all that in the mean time, I’ll be continuing to make new music for those of you that have been with us so long. In fact I’ll be in the studio making demos in exactly one hundred and five hours from this pushing publish on this post. But just know that when you hear us referring to ‘Almost Everything’ as our new album, it’s new to the world at large only because you were there first for and with us. The official release will include some extra bonus tracks (Brooklyn, Clinton St. Girl) and additional art work. We couldn’t be more flattered, grateful, and eternally humbled by your continued support. It drives us to work even harder to make this next album even better than we ever could have without you. Thank you thank you thank you, and we love you all. If there are local/national press outlets and/or radio stations that you enjoy, please do spread the word to them about the music, for the official release date of August 1st. Your help is what got us here, and what will hopefully get us to the next level!